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Francis Howell Central's National Honor Society

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BY-LAWS  Of the




Article I

Name and Purpose


Section 1: The name of this organization will be the National Honor Society of Francis Howell Central High School.


Section 2: The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of Francis Howell Central High School.


Section 3: The Francis Howell Central High School National Honor Society shall be under the sponsorship and supervision of the principals of Francis Howell Central High School, in accordance with the National Association of Secondary School Principles (NASSP), 1904 Association Drive, Reston, VA 22091.


Article II

Principal and Chapter Advisor(s)


Section 1: The principle shall reserve the right to approve all activities and decisions of the chapter.


Section 2: The principal shall annually appoint a chapter advisor(s) for the following levels of Honor Society: sophomore, junior, and senior. A chapter advisor may serve consecutive terms.


Section 3: The chapter advisor shall be responsible for the direct, day-to-day supervision of the chapter and act as liaison between faculty, administration, students, and community.


Section 4: The chapter advisor shall maintain files on membership, chapter history, activities, and financial transactions. The chapter advisor shall send the annual report to the national office.


Section 5: The chapter advisor shall regularly review each member for compliance with Society standards and obligations.


Section 6: The chapter advisor shall help the chapter officers understand and carry out their duties.


Article III

Faculty Council


Section 1: The Faculty Council of Francis Howell Central High School National Honor Society shall consist of five members appointed by the principal. The faculty council shall not include the principal or assistant principal, but shall include the chapter advisor(s) as non-voting members.


Section 2: The Faculty Council shall have a term of one year and members may be appointed to consecutive terms.


Section 3: The Faculty Council shall meet to select members and consider dismissal, non-selection, and warning cases.

Article IV



Section 1: Membership, an honor bestowed upon a student selected by the faculty council, is based on outstanding SCHOLARSHIP, SERVICE, LEADERSHIP, and CHARACTER. A member has the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities.


Section 2: Members shall be known as active and graduate. Active members shall become graduate members at graduation. Graduate members shall have no voice or vote in chapter affairs.


Section 3: The faculty council shall reserve the right to award honorary membership to school officials, principals, teachers, National Honor Society advisors, or citizens in recognition of outstanding service rendered the school in helping with the purpose of Francis Howell Central High School National Honor Society.


Section 4: Any member who transfers to Francis Howell Central High School and brings a letter from the former principal or chapter advisor to the new school advisor shall be accepted automatically as a member in the new chapter. Transfer members must meet the new chapter’s standards within one semester to retain membership.


Section 5: Members who resign or are dismissed are never again eligible for membership or benefits.


Section 6: New members shall be inducted at a special ceremony.


Section 7: Members who are seniors in good standing are eligible to be nominated to compete in their chapter’s National Honor Society Scholarship Program.


Article V

Selection of Members


Section 1: To be eligible for membership, the candidate must be in the sophomore, junior, or senior class.


Section 2: To be scholastically eligible, the candidate must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 on the four-point scale.


Section 3: Prior to final selection, the following shall occur:

a. Student’s academic records shall be reviewed to determine scholastic eligibility.

b. Students who are eligible scholastically shall be notified and asked to complete the Student

Activity and Community Service Information Forms for further consideration for selection.

c. The faculty shall be requested to comment on candidates determined to be scholastically


d. The Student Activity and Community Service Information Forms and faculty comments shall

be reviewed by the Faculty Council.


Section 4: The final selection of members to this chapter shall be by a majority of the Faculty Council consisting of five faculty members appointed by the principal. The faculty advisor(s) shall sit on the council as additional, non-voting member(s).


Section 5: The selection of active members shall be held during the second semester of the school year. Additional selection periods may be added if circumstances warrant it.


Section 6: An active member of the National Honor Society who transfers from this school will be given a letter indicating the status of his/her membership and signed by the principal.


Article VI



Section 1: Any member who fails below the standards of scholarship, leadership, character, or service may be dismissed from the Francis Howell Central High School chapter of the National Honor Society. A member of the National Honor Society is expected to maintain an active role in service and leadership to his/her school and community.


Section 2: Members who fall below the standards of their selection shall be given a written warning by the chapter advisor and given a reasonable amount of time to correct the deficiency. In cases of flagrant violation of rules of the school, of the Society, or criminal law, the student does not have to be warned.


Section 3: In the case of pending dismissal:

a. The member will receive written notification of the reason for possible dismissal for the

advisor/Faculty Council. The member and advisor will discuss the written notification in a


b. To present his/her defense, the member will be offered a hearing with the Faculty Council prior

to dismissal. The Council will then vote on whether to dismiss.

c. A letter of dismissal will be sent to the principal, student and parents if the student is dismissed.

Dismissed members must surrender any membership emblems to the advisor.

d. The member may appeal the Faculty Council’s decision within the rules for disciplinary

appeals in the school district.

e. When a student is dismissed, he/she is no longer a member and may never again be considered

for membership in National Honor Society.


Article VII



Section 1: The officers of the National Honor Society shall be as follows:


-President: presides over all meetings, appoints committees for Honor Society projects, and

oversees all National Honor Society operations.


-Vice-president: presides whenever the president is unable to fulfill his/her duties. The vice-

president is committee chairperson for all fundraisers and service projects.


-Secretary: keeps written records of all meetings, including who are present, and what is

discussed. The secretary will also keep records of member’s service project commitment status,

and perform correspondence duties.


-Treasurer: keeps records of all funds, including business expenses, dues, and fundraisers.


-Historian: takes photographs of chapter events; maintains scrapbook.


Section 2: A majority vote shall be necessary to elect any officer of this chapter. If the first vote does not yield a majority, a second vote shall be taken of the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes.



Article VIII

Executive Committee


Section 1: The executive committee shall consist of the faculty advisor(s) and the chapter officers.


Section 2: The executive committee shall have general supervision of the meetings and the business of the chapter, but any actions by the executive committee are subject to review of the chapter members.


Section 3: The executive committee shall have the responsibility for ensuring that Francis Howell Central chapter activities and procedures follow Francis Howell Central High School policy and regulations.



Article IX



Section 1: The meetings of this chapter shall be held monthly or every two weeks at the discretion of the advisor(s), executive committee, and chapter members.


Section 2: The President may call special meetings approved by the executive committee. The advisor(s) may call meetings.

Section 3: This Chapter shall conduct its meetings according to Robert’s Rules of Order—Newly Revised in all points not expressly provided for in the chapter bylaws.



Article X



Section 1: The chapter shall determine one group service project per quarter. Each member of National Honor Society shall obtain 7 hours or 35 points from community service projects per semester.  At least one hour of community service each semester MUST be a late-start morning tutoring session.


Section 2: All members shall regularly participate in service projects. All members must participate in at least one fundraiser per semester.


Section 3: These projects shall have the following characteristics: fulfill a need within the school or community, have the support of the administration and the faculty, be appropriate and educationally defensible, and be well planned, organized, and executed.


Section 4: The chapter shall publicize its projects in a positive manner.


Section 5: Each member shall have the responsibility for choosing and participating in service projects which reflect his/her own interests, as well as participation in chapter service projects.




Section 6: In order to wear NHS cords and NHS stoles at graduation, the following service project points must be earned:


Semester Inducted                 Honor Cord                Honor Stole

                        10th Semester 2                                 175                              225

                        11th Semester 2                                 100                              150

                        12th Semester 2                                   10                                20



Section 7:  Community Service shall be defined as work or service done without pay which benefits a community as a whole.  Babysitting for family or neighbors, pet sitting, being a teacher or library aide, and singing in a church choir does not qualify as community service.  In addition, activities which count towards requirements for another organization will not be counted as NHS service.


Examples of service projects and the points they earn:


Regular Meetings:         2 points             (for all meetings, you must be on time to receive points)

Committee Meetings:     2 points             (for all meetings, you must be on time to receive points)

Fundraisers:                  1 point/item sold

Service:                        5 points per hour

Mission Trips:                MAXIMUM 8 hours per day, 5 points per hour credited


Special Clause:  Community Service Class.  If an NHS member is enrolled in the Community Service class at FHC and works more hours than required by the class may count any extra hours towards NHS service hours.


Article XI



Section 1: Each member of this chapter shall be entitled to wear the emblem adopted by the National Honor Society.


Section 2: Any member who withdraws or is dismissed from the chapter shall return the emblem to the chapter.


Article XII



Section 1:  Dues are paid only once when the member is accepted into the Francis Howell Central National Honor Society. These dues are determined by the executive committee.


Article XIII



Section 1: These by-laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the chapter, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been given to members at least one meeting prior to the vote. The exceptions are Articles V and VI, Selection of Members and Dismissal.


Section 2: By-laws and amendments must be consistent with the Constitution of the National Honor Society.