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Francis Howell Central's National Honor Society

Club Background
Club Background
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Swinging Back to the 1940s


President: Lauren Bruns

Vice President: Katie McGowan

Secretary: Nicole Lombardo

Treasurer: Katie McCormack

Historian:  Brett Wagoner




Tiffany MacMillan


Jennifer Miller   


Paula Pettig       



Selection Procedure
1. Membership shall be open to qualified sophomores, juniors and seniors.
2. A cumulative GPA of 3.75 is used for determining scholastic eligibility.
3. All four criteria, scholarship, leadership, character and service, shall be considered in the selection process of new members.
4. Leadership, character and service qualifications shall be determined by teacher recommendations, student activity information forms and the 5 member Faculty Council appointed by the Principal.
5. The scholastically qualifying student must complete and return the student activity information forms and give the teacher recommendation forms to their choice of three teachers. The completed forms are then returned to the NHS sponsors by the required date. The sponsors then assemble the Faculty Council to review each student's qualifications.